February 24th, 2015

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Different universes

So, while people are responding with shock and horror to R Tempest Bradford's challenge to not read white cis heterosexual male writers for a whole year, people over at oursin's DW blog are cudgelling their brains to suggest white cis heterosexual male writers that are worth reading. O'Brian, Pratchett, Aaronovitch, Dickinson and uhhh maybe Rex Stout?

Myself- mh, it's the cold turkey thing that stops me. Also of course, no Aaronovitch or Gladstone when they next come out, or Pratchett rereads.

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My lord, Alan Garner is a classicist and no mistake. Have had to look up words as I read him, not something I'm used to in these latter degenerate and above all non-academic days. Onomastic, apotropaic, euhemeristic... and of course he expects his listeners to know the meanings as well. I mean, they're actually useful words, describing concisely a particular thing: but not something one runs across all the time.
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