February 21st, 2015

hasui snow scene

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"Your kneecap," my doctor says, poking it as I wince. "It's just floating there." It is. I attempt to hold it in place with elastic bandages, but you know how elastic bandages are- they contract and turn into string in no time. So instead of a kind net cradling the problematic body part, I have ropes biting into my swollen everythings. But as I'm fishing out my long underwear from the catch-all drawer under the bed (longjohns are rarely needed and so are always misplaced, but these last two winters have been *cold*) I unearth a long strip of lace that was my mother's, if not my grandmother's. It's a good 2.5 inches wide, and sturdy, and none of us ever found a use for it, so I wrap it around my knee and it holds beautifully. How elegant!
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