January 27th, 2015

hasui winter river

This and that

1. So when one has finished all the Carrington and Cogman available and goes to look for more steampunk-- as it might be the Whitechapel Gods that one bounced off of back autumn-- one at once and naturally wishes for more Carrington and Cogman, because WG not only presents a cast of thousands with no telling who is who, it gives you sentences like "He stood up, his legs taught" and "Since Grandfather Clock and his pet baron almost certainly know by now, your compatriots aught to." Are there no editors anymore? are there no *literate* editors anymore?

2. When petronia was here, she wandered down to the Korean super and wandered back with shingo pears. I'm not a fruit eater, and am supposed to stay away from pears and apples anyway, but shingo pears are sweet and mild and the best of both apple and pear: crunchy and juicy. Goes perfectly with Jarlsberg cheese. (And no, I never had nashi in Japan. Way too expensive.)
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