January 6th, 2015

hasui: winter moon

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The advantage of keeping a blog is that it reminds you that a year ago you were quite as crippled in the knees as you are now. I had vague recollections of last winter making stair-climbing stiff, but not that my knees were spasming useless for a week.

Then again, they've been spasming this year far longer than last: four weeks and counting. On the other hand, stretching does seem to help, since there are days I'm pretty much fine as long as I don't walk, bicycle, or stand about too much. (So does attention to posture: standing up straight relieves a lot of the pain.) On the third paw, I still don't have a solution for the boots problem (bref: my legs hate them) and it isn't even deadly 'inching my way over ice' weather yet.

Ah well. Have Aging Backwards in the mail, which may get me some good IT band exercises eventually. Also boots and cold-wet have a time-limit to them, and one must simply wait it out.

Meanwhile the moon is exactly the one seen in my icon.