December 30th, 2014

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino


1. Sunday was hair wash day but I wanted an epsom bath. Which had, but could smell- because I have A Nose- my hair just the slightest bit manky from the steam and wet. My mother's impromptu unshampoo was to dab the hair with cologne, on the grounds that alcohol removes grease. I do not have cologne (and anyway, that method requires a very subdued fragrance) but I do have rubbing alcohol. Alcohol on hair is probably really bad for it, but I will say, lord but does it give it (or mine) body. Better than any conditioner I've ever used, including the volumizing ones.

2. If I'd braved the mall before Christmas I might have found a 2X men's winter coat at Winners; if I hadn't put on ten pounds over the summer and fall I might have fit into the lovely X-large they had yesterday with the many pockets; but I didn't and I did and so must be grateful that I have at least a light puffy winter jacket that isn't held together with duct tape (as my current one is.) And yes it has two inner pockets, larger and more accessible than the present coat; but it has no sleeve or exterior breast pocket and that's exactly what I want. A sleeve pocket is a brilliant notion for everything one doesn't want to lose; a breast pocket is where you put your cellphone; and interior pockets require you to unzip your jacket in the freezing cold.

(I have to have men's 2X because all these coats are made in Asia, of course, with Asian notions of large, and because female hips do not fit men's coats at the best of times. This may prove less of a problem if the coat is in fact warm enough to wear without a fleecy underneath; but I do not expect that from a nylon anything. Also it's black, not grey, and thus renders me invisible, or even more invisible, at night.)

3. Grand and Toy the stationers no longer have brick and mortar stores: I can buy their $8.50 dayplanner online but they'll charge me $15 to send it. Thus I'm at a loss where to find large month-at-a-glance daybooks. Last year I got an overpriced and underused moleskine from Midoco, but this year they don't even have those. So I have a twee thing with forest themes and ickle pretty pictures, that gives month at a glance and individual days, four to a page just to be weird; and that will have to do.