December 20th, 2014

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Continuing in the grand tradition of Oh What A Week. Dentists and emergency shifts, acupuncture and emergency chiropracters, knees that go in and out of spasm in spite of the acupuncture and a lower back does the same in spite of the chiropracter. But it's been clear and dry for three days now, and I'm accordingly grateful.

Doctor recommends I look at the FODMAPS diet for IBS sufferers. Universal agreement is no garlic-- which is just fine by me-- and no onions, which is sad. No Greek yoghurt or sour cream or ice cream, sob; no beans or pulses, doh (but am allowed brussel sprouts and cabbage? sheesh, guys); no wheat ack! And then-- no avocadoes or beets or asparagus or mushrooms!!! no mangoes, lychees, pears, and raisins!!! no honey!!!

At least I can have pb and jam-- except my pb is made of soybeans, which is also a no.

And frankly, I think what's upset my stomach today was that salmon cheek I was given as a lagniappe at the Korean-Japanese sushi place yesterday. An interesting experience because I didn't know what it was when I first began exploring it with my chopsticks.

Also made the mistake of buying 'high traffic' carpet shampoo and using it on (half of) the living room rug. Should have known it'd be perfumed-- Febreeze levels of stink. Can't open a window because that's where the thermostat is, so went and bought a small Christmas tree and some pine boughs and hope the resin will mask the unspeakable chemical fug.