December 1st, 2014


Nice while it lasted

Came home to find a high-definition TV on the front porch. First thought was naturally 'How kind of Next Door, except they know I don't have cable.' Second thought was 'Next Door, being convinced of people's criminal nature (that being the area of law they both deal with), would never leave a present on the porch, especially without a tag.' Phoned, Next Door agreed it warn't them. Wrestled it into the light, looked at various tiny labels ('For Export to Canada' etc: luckily I can read small print if I don't have my lens in), found at last the Canada Post label way down on the side. For 563 basement, ie ten doors up. With some difficulty I succeeded in delivering it to 563 basement, which was mostly me being dumb and not realizing where the basement entrance was on that house. In my defence, it was dark and the light doesn't come on until you've actually gone down the steps.

However the family (of what I saw: Mom, ten year old son, and well-mannered teenaged ditto) evinced pleasure because they'd been promised delivery on the 11th. So all's well that ends well.