November 16th, 2014


Two gakkaris and a Wow!

1. Am given to understand that Royall Tyler translated Genji without using the usual sobriquets (like, yanno, 'Genji'.) Always wanted to see how that worked in English, or if it worked, but was reluctant to fork out for the full text. (There's one available on ebay for about $30 Canuck, plus $23C shipping. Truly, even a 1200 page paperback doesn't cost that much to send up here.) Discover there's an abridged version available at BMV and cop it for a fast $7 plus tax. Then discover that the abridged version uses the sobriquets.

(I know the word as 'soubriquet', and I assure you I haven't been reading 17th century French either. But the net is unanimous that the correct form is sobriquet.)
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