November 12th, 2014

hasui hirakawa morning

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16C yesterday, jacket weather. 4 today. An early and cold winter and a one day Indian summer. (I seem to recall someone saying the phrase was invidious, for reasons I forget. I always thought it was what the First Nations themselves called the last warm weather, which I know makes no sense; but from my childhood semi-British standpoint, a non-British phenomenon naturally required a non-English phrase to describe it. And of course there's an England-English phrase for the thing- St Martin's summer. The Japanese call it 小春日和- koharu biyori: 'little spring day(s) peaceful' because November is such a warm month there.)

Doctor says to me, 'I started seeing you in '96, which makes it-' pause- 'Eighteen years,' I supply. 'So I suppose I should stop thinking of you as 40-something.' That might be an idea. 'But you haven't changed at all!' And don't I wish that were true.

Cold- head cold cold- is making signs of a comeback. Sore throat, full sinuses, tiredness. Doubtless the extreme weather changes are to blame.