October 5th, 2014

youkai hakkai from kagenami

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I now have my new ten-year passport, with grave doubts that I'll ever get to use it. But it's handsome enough, with pale colour illos of Canuck this-n-thats backgrounding each page. I wonder if I have the eastern Canada version, because it seems awfully heavy on eastern Canada Stuff: Quebec City, Halifax, Newfoundland. One page for 'the Prairies'; possibly Nellie McClung as prairie content, though she was born in Ontario; the west coast nonexistent AFAICS.

My cousin's kid makes a dish by putting uncooked vegetables under a chicken which she then slow-roasts for several hours. Tried this the other day; wish I'd doubled the veg part because yum so good. (Would still have parboiled the little potatoes.) Cooked up a bunch of veg yesterday with the chicken bits I don't care for- drumsticks and legs mainly- but didn't get a chance to eat because an afternoon with the Little Girls turned into dinner with The Little Girls. Lunch tomorrow if no one calls me in to work.

The owner of the saiyuki_yaoi ML has been asking if anyone's still in the fandom to warrant keeping the ML alive. Went and looked at the archive, which is not laid out as usefully as it used to be. Was reminded of those busy days when MLs were in swing, and why I used to feel there were a lot more people in my life than there are now. Five or six posts a day with several people chiming in made you feel part of a group conversation; not even active LJ communities do that, and most are far from active. Fandom doesn't just fragment, it narrows: down to 140 characters thrown into the void. Interaction is the essence of fandom, but where does that happen?