September 12th, 2014

autumn hibiya

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Considering that Ten Books meme- 'ten books that have stayed with you.' Um well: I could rhyme off a list of books but have no guarantee that they *have* stayed with me. Aside from Sei Shonagon, whose deplorable influence I still detect in myself, and Hamlet, which isn't exactly a book, I'm not sure that any of my old favourites are still even readable. When revisited, they often seem completely different works from the ones I remember loving. Tolkien, Emma, Dream of Red Chambers ... not what they were when I was sixteen or twenty-four or twenty-eight. (Did I really read nothing memorable in my 30s and 40s? Sometimes it seems that way.)

But poems- hell yes. Poems have stayed with me for fifty years sometimes. (That's because I don't actually read much poetry, and because my tastes are old-fashioned.) Herewith a list of ten poems that have stuck like glue.
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