August 22nd, 2014

jiip sad

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Finished my reread of Channel Five on the 20th, the day before my 21st fannish anniversary which I totally forgot about in the press of work and new babies. I wish I tagged my LJ entries better because I seem to recall talking about this the last time I reread Channel Five, whenever that was; or maybe I was just musing aloud about getting the reissued manga that came out in 2010. There was something said somewhere about 'added material' that had me hoping maybe she'd given us something to offset that very unfinished- not ending, even, just a stopping point. But then I remembered that she altered parts of the tankoubon from what had first appeared in Animage: late enough that you can see the change in her style; and that's probably the new material the adverts meant.

So no, I'll never find out what happened to Jan (who is canonically dead but evidently also very much alive) or, fairly clearly, what Takamatsu did to alter Jan, or what happened to Servis, or what happens to the five brothers, or anything. This makes me very sad indeed.