August 10th, 2014


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Truly, you couldn't have better summer weather than this. 27C, dry, cool breeze, pleasant even in the warm sun. The day is not quite perfect-- the coffee machine is broken at the Vietnamese restaurant so no iced Vietnamese coffee for me; but I tried the serve-it-yourself frozen yoghurt place instead and over a tri-mix sundae read Point of Knives-- wherein Phillip declares himself to be a motherless man.

However, one thing about the Points series. Many Astreianters, including Nico, have Silk Lands blood, as indicated by their tight curly hair and what I must read as epicanthic-folded eyes. The language used to describe them reminds me of nojojojo pondering how to describe Sieh's eyes, which she explicitly meant to be far east Asian. Now, Chenadolle is not Kansas: it has two suns just for a start. The fact that names and social mores and dress map onto approx. 17th century Belgium is, well, as it is: a manga moment, if you like. But it does lead to semi-this world expectations.

So when I find that the nobility and the haute bourgeoisie tend to pale blue eyes, I'm going to see it in conjunction with pale white skin: and often enough, it seems, that's what the landames and whatall are said to have. What then to make of people finding Phillip's white skin an interesting oddity? I'd be happy for Astreianters to be dark-skinned, with blondness a foreign Chadroni trait-- except there seem to be a fair number of light-haired Astreianters too. So maybe the city's just one big melting pot; and maybe blue eyes do in fact exist in conjunction with dark skin and hair.

(In my world blue eyes are rare, usually found among Ashkenazim. You'd never guess this was once an Anglo-Saxon city. I'd probably feel differently if I lived in Kitchener or Winnipeg or some place the Germans and Swedes actually went to.)