August 1st, 2014

pissy red dragon from tammylee

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Left bicycle at work overnight, got called in for 9 am, worked all day thereafter. Rode it home at 6 racing a thunderstorm. Rang bell to alert car I was approaching. Bell did not ring, because the bell cap was missing. Am annoyed: bicycles get left for months unmolested in front of work; I can't leave mine for 24 hours. Will go back and see if bell cap just unscrewed and fell into grass but I doubt it. (Also makes no sense. This kind of nuisance thievery happens where high school jerks hang out. We're on campus, teenage jerks are out of school and living elsewhere, who the frack would mess with my bicycle bell?)

Everyone at work feeling kazegimi = like they're coming down with a cold. Kids all coughing with drippy tap noses. My throat is scratchy, but I think that's sinuses. Is long weekend, fortunately, and then only four weeks till Labour Day and summer's blessed end.
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