June 28th, 2014

hasui clouds of glory

Summer Melancholy

Yesterday was an 80s kind of day, meaning hot and sunny and dry, so I did an 80s kind of thing and went out to dinner and had two Singapore Slings. Alas, I am thirty years older than I was then, and my stomach has objected to the gin all day. Or maybe it was the (very indifferent) fries and gravy I had with my drink.

The restaurant was one I often went to, from the late 90s up to about four years ago. Its later associations are with Pratchett and To Say Nothing of the Dog, which is '08 and '09. (You can tell I always dine alone.) I haven't been there in recent years-- something to do with a run of bad service, being ignored by waitstaff and eventually leaving. My tastes have changed too; how did I ever stomach their pub fare? even the grilled cheese sandwich and bacon, the cheapest and simplest thing on the menu.
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