June 23rd, 2014

hasui clouds of glory

'In summer, the weather'

Other seasons are perhaps different, but in summer things need to pass the Sei Shonagon test for anything to be worth my doing. That is, certain aesthetic criteria must come together to guarantee an at least memorable occasion. I no longer require me to be wearing the perfect outfit: fashion is for the young. Nor do I need the perfect companion; in fact, any companion at all is usually sufficient (and sufficiently unusual) to raise the event to memorable status. But from June through August, the weather *has* to be good, which means sunny, clear and cool. Otherwise I'd rather stay at home and read, than venture into the mug and lowering overcast to see a film or hear a concert or basically do anything; because the mug leaches any pleasure to be had from whatever I'm seeing or hearing.

But Saturday evening the weather was sunny, clear and cool, so I biked down the street to St Mary Mag, the veddy high Anglican church on Manning, for a concert of early music from Spain by the group Vocem Resurgentis. (Cannot parse the grammar of the name either, but no matter.)
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