June 15th, 2014


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1. Picked up a corn broom on my evening walk today, left on the boulevard: second one in two months. How kind of the universe to provide me with good corn brooms for sweeping up cherry pits, seedlings, hedge clippings, and all the detritus that gardens somehow produce. Can't think why anyone would put them out. (Well, the other one had a splintery handle, but nothing that duct tape can't fix.) When one side is worn down to the binding, yes, then it's time for the garbage.

2. A week from the solstice, l'heure blue is 9 pm. It's taken me six decades to make note of that fact, but now I have.

3. As mentioned, I did indeed trim the hedge. It's now lower than before but not much neater. I also lopped branches from the front yard linden tree-- dear god but the extendible limb lopper is an ill-balanced beast-- and a few from the cherry tree where the birds are joyfully feasting. Gorge yourself, little fowls: I have no desire to pick up the rotting cherries which I calculate will be falling in a week or two. The cold spring doesn't look to have discouraged the crop at all.
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