May 15th, 2014

hasui rain

Oh rot you, LJ.

Oh nooo LJ, no no no. Change the profile page so all my useful drop-down menues are gone (and the text itself is pale grey and unreadable.) Where's 'edit entries' now?

telophase says there's a workaround; which doesn't work for me either, even the random clicking, but again may be down to ancient Firefox. I'd cross-post from DW, but with no edit entries button, I can't change the icons.

Damn damn damn damn damn.

ETA: Evidently Telophase's question mark takes you to what, for me, was an occasionally appearing pop-up that says Hey we changed LJ tell us what you think! (That button takes you, quite rightly, to the 'report a bug' feature.) Under that is a 'return to old style' button. Pray that we remain changed to the old style.
koitsu benkei bridge


It's cold, it's raining, the skunks are back, and someone is playing loud music with the windows open at 10:30 pm. These unsatisfactory elements intrude on the archetypal peaceful grey and green May, the garden world with blossoms and flowers and new leaves and catkins filling all the spaces. Like snow does in winter, I guess. (And a month ago exactly there was snow on the ground.) Snow however doesn't make me feel philosophical, and fruit blossoms do, even if they're already drifting down from the trees in the rain and any gusts of wind.
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