April 27th, 2014


(The Famous) Five Things Make a Post

1. Made colcannon with kale yesterday. Shall not repeat that error. Chard or collards cook down; however finely chopped, kale can survive a half hour of sautee and another half hour of steaming intact, the better to catch in your throat and choke you to death.

2. Littler of the Little Girls last night abandoned SW for Shakespeare, as dumbed down adapted into flat-foot prose for children. Tells me that she's not allowed to read Othello (or rather, the plot thereof, because little of Shakespeare's dialogue survives.) Which is a sensible decision for a seven year old. Both kids have been reading these, I fancy, because the older gave us a live-action rendition of Romeo and Juliet in which Paris-Ken-doll threw Romeo-Mickey-nuigurumi out of the tomb/ off the sofa, and onto a sock on the floor 'where he lies to this day.'
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