April 13th, 2014

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter

And the moment after
Show thy vicious claws.

One probably shouldn't trust the Weather Network forecasts overmuch- neither the scientific rigor of Environment Canada nor the adjusted for location moderation of Wunderground. The general trend for the week is the same on all but TWN expresses it the most strikingly: Monday high 20, Tuesday high 2. Shades of '03 with its high of 26 the day before Sonya was born and high of 4 the day after.

S-i-l was out gardening in yesterday's modest mid-50s F warmth. Tripped on a root, put a hand out to catch herself (the left, in small mercies fashion), luckily didn't break anything but did compact the wrist and arm bones. Is in plaster from wrist to elbow and was most uncomfortable yesterday evening when I went to sit with her while bro got belated painkillers from pharmacy. She maintains that most of the malaise was from the morphine they gave her which leaves her deeply nauseated. Can't think why that drug is considered dangerously addictive: either it doesn't work, or the side effects are hideous. Mind, both are true of percoden and people go after that too.