April 6th, 2014

hasui hirakawa morning


1. Must get back on ginkgo biloba. Not only forgot to get a summary of my drug expenses from the pharmacy for the accountant (they were a pittance compared with '12's expensive meds, but still), I forgot to include my property taxes. I was keeping them very carefully because I need them for you know that thing. Yes: income tax. Mind still can't parse that: 'you keep them for the accountant.' Oh but surely it's the... uh insurance agent? Granted I've had insurance on the brain, but I recognize this mental fog only too well.

2. Biking home one day I discovered that the laneway in back of the house is now called Perly Family Lane. Assumed this was a vanity name scheme but it seems the city is using it partly to direct ambulances and the like. (Vanity names would generate revenue, I merely mention.) So I was charmed, out walking the other day, to discover Crestfallen Lane running off my street. Assumed it had something to do with the angle of the terrain as it winds down to Christie Pits, a glacier gouge to the south of us: though in fact the sloping n-s lane Crestfallen runs into is still unnamed. Turns out it's named after a very useful horse. I salute you, Crestfallen.
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