April 3rd, 2014

pissy red dragon from tammylee

'Pardon me, Roy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?'

A saga. Boring as all get out but I need to vent.

I need new shoes because my old shoes squelch miserably whenever it's wet and tomorrow is going to rain buckets and I have to be out seeing a specialist. So yesterday afternoon, when I had no appointments and hurray first time this week no afternoon shifts, I went to the Walking Clinic, which everyone thinks of as the Walk-in Clinic and that they can just wander in and see a foot doctor. No. But I can usually wander in and buy shoes there.

Not yesterday, though, because there was only one harried receptionist who said she couldn't measure my feet I'd have to make an appointment with (name redacted) who was the only one who could measure my feet and she only had a 9 am slot Thursday morning. 'But I just want a new pair of the shoes I'm wearing' (that I bought here in '10 to replace the ones I bought here in '05.) 'Oh fine, let me see the size--' which was illegible. 'It should be on your chart'-- but it wasn't. Nothing but last summer's sandals is on my chart. 'You'll have to come see (name redacted) or I'll just be pulling out shoes that don't fit you.' Yeah well fine. Always had my doubts about that place, because all the staff are perky young females who lose interest in you once they've sold you pricey orthotics. It's a chain, and I bet it has a male boss who only hires perky young females. Went and had a Big Mac in a fit of spleen: first one in at least five years and possibly ten, which made me feel no better than you'd expect it to, though Macdo's fries are indeed quite tasty.
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