March 25th, 2014

hasui clouds of glory

Looking in

The druggy effects of full time work are well-known to me. Am enjoying them this time around, partly because I can bike to work (such a luxury, to be home and eating dinner at 6:30); partly because March can disguise itself as several other months (see previous post) so you never know which season you'll wake up in/ go out into; partly because the necessary muscle relaxants lead to lovely sleep and dreams; and partly because I'm reading The Kingdom of Gods, finally, which provides an excellent Otherwhere that also creeps into my night dreaming in definite but unremembered ways.

Last night's remembered dreams were in fact all about houses: my brother's and his northern neighbour's had become one building and were being done over in bright white glossy paint and primary coloured wooden cutouts; but my s-i-l confided that she'd be happier when they could fill in the door between their house and that of Prof&Mrs Medieval Islamic Studies, which had been opened up to allow for the renovations. House also had many large bedrooms and many somehow-related family members sleeping over in it, and that's where tKoG came in.