March 9th, 2014

hasui saitama mountains

Seasonal natter

Ah, the bright bright sun of March! shining in low and revealing the layers of dust under furniture. But no matter-- I have vacuumed it up and now have my clean bright *cozy* house, because this March, unlike even last year, is a cold one. Even when warm it's cold. As in, last year memory says I went the whole winter, bar a few -13 days, in the neck warmer incandescens made for me; while this year, even in yesterday's well above freezing, I was too cold and had to go back to the thick woolly muffler she also made for me. We shall see what happens in the next two days' 5/6 C. I bet I still want the muffler because above freezing means lakes in the street and the chill dank rising therefrom.

Though seriously: in a winter without serious snowstorms, where did all the icebergs in the street come from? I've been chopping *ice* since January, but when did we get the snow? Maybe it's those 2-3cm increments that disappear from sidewalks (by and large) but freeze in the gutters. Any highs of 3 or 5 or even 7 are somehow followed by nights of -10 or -15, so the melt returns as even more ice. I'm beginning to feel the longing for *shoes*, but the combination of daytime wet-over-slippery and lagoons at each corner, and nighttime skating-rink-smooth, means not yet by a fair chalk.
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