March 7th, 2014

hasui hirakawa morning

Season change displeasure

My FFL tells me that 2007 was when Daylight Saving moved to the second weekend in March from the first weekend in April. It seemed longer ago than that, but no mind. I still disapprove of the change, largely for nostalgic reasons: clocks forward was always of a piece with really, no *really* spring and Easter and whatall. The second Sunday in March is more likely to be snowbound as springlike; I mean, it's still officially winter even by the calendar.

But this year I have the extra problem of morning shifts. As I discovered today, when it gets light at 6:30 I'm quite happy to be up and doing. When it's dark, as it will be at next Monday's version of 6:30, I want only to be under the covers, and spend the rest of the day yawning if I must be up then. If I could bike there'd be no problem: up at 8 (the old 7) for a 9 o'clock shift-- no need to brave the rush hour if transitting or allow 45 minutes if walking. But this second Sunday in March is indeed supposed to snow.

Oh well. It's money, as I keep telling myself.

(Maybe my old browser, but LJ is suddenly being a pig about letting me edit entries.)