January 29th, 2014

dragons got fangs!

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Maybe there's something to this 'codeine rots the brain' thing after all? Came home one day last week to a gas bill that was twice my normal equal billed amount. Equal billing is calculated on the previous year's usage, this year is much colder than last, and when that happens the gas co. does an adjustment in January so you aren't left owing hundreds of dollars at the billing period's end.

Only, when I looked at the itemization, the doubling was because I didn't pay December's bill. Which I did. I remember doing it. But no, when I checked my online account, what I'd paid was the Hydro, an eqivalent amount. Sigh. So I thought 'Fine, $197, round up to $200,' and paid it.

Next day there's an automated phone message: payment overdue, pay at once or else, followed by an irritating 'If you have already paid this bill, accept our thanks.' Yes, sure, go away.
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