January 17th, 2014

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

'Too much to expect'

Why I think I will not be watching the third season of Sherlock.

"Moffat's writing has always been characterized by a desire to hit the big emotional payoff without doing any of the work of earning it-" Yup, was my impression. "Sherlock still suffers from its perennial, frustrating flaws. Its plots are still tissue-thin at best, insultingly stupid at worst. Its pacing is still awful. It is still, despite spotty improvements like Molly... vilely misogynistic." That too, though I watched the first seasons more for the sense of place (my kink; don't knock it), Freeman's acting, and the sheer WTFery of Sherlock's conception itself. Sad that the last seems to have become either cliched or abandonable at will. I blinked when I first read the line "the one person he thought didn't matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most"-- *Sherlock* said that? Out loud? To *Molly*?? Sheesh.

OTOH what she says about the Mycroft/ Sherlock relationship is intriguing. Brothers: my other kink. (But why did they thin Mycroft? Couldn't possibly have a fat hero, is it?)