January 13th, 2014

ugly_bugger by nanfoodle


It's true, I made that beef and broccoli last me for three suppers, but by tonight it was quite a lot of broccoli to two meagre slices of beef. And that was with finishing up the beef bourguignon along with yesterday's serving. And that was with not chopping ice yesterday. (Didn't I? I don't think I did.) Did today, of course. I hope this craving for cow owes something to my lumberjack's lifestyle and the by turns freezing cold/ dankly chill winter we're having.

It's not just any cow, either. Do Not Want hamburger in any permutation, or steak, or roasts. Want stewing beef, stewed. Warming, filling, protein-rich, with veg included. Oy vey.

(Of course, now I want sushi as dessert. Shall finish the wonton soup instead.)