January 7th, 2014

hasui winter river

To drive the cold winter away

Fingers crossed, we have survived the worst of the cold. Left taps dripping in basement last night to be safe, and turned thermostat up to over 20!! 70 Fahrenheit!!! The front bedroom was still coldish, because the shrink wrap over the AC unit was not enough for the knife-like winds from the north, but I was snug as a bug in my sideroom, falling asleep again at 9 pm, which argues some lingering malaise still, or merely a desire to distance myself from what was happening outside. Cannot do that tonight, since it does trash the back and neck, and I must be functional for a 9-6 day, no breaks. Add to that the particular nature of sideroom sleep-- one doesn't want to wake up from it. Ohhh so cozy, so soft and so dark, turn over into the comforting embrace of the futon and slip back into dreams.... and I must be up at 7:30 at latest.

The cold qua cold wasn't that bad, here in downtown; more the combination of outrageous winds and seas of ice, either frozen footprint or flat glare expanse. My grippers did yeoman service, my cane helped, and getting to the Spadina car this evening was a sight easier than last night, for sure. Double-bagged everything and didn't feel ice at the extremities and pain about the eyes as one does in real cold. (Nor did my nostrils stick together, which is the real test of cold.) It was only -20 downtown anyway, maybe -30 in the wind, not the -40 that it was out in the burbs and airport. Not dressed for it would have been painful, but I have form-fitting neckwarmers and fluffy mufflers made by inspired friends (friend, actually) and they did the job perfectly.

And so (comparatively) warm was it this evening that I left the muffler in baby E's cubby (he was away today and his cubby is well off the slushy floor) which is why I prefer not to wear gifts to work. (The neckwarmer is different, G: it's a part of the ensemble, same as the pouffy hat and the gloves, and I put it on by reflex.)