January 6th, 2014

hasui snow scene

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Evidently ferocious headache was widespread yesterday; one staff said she was seriously thinking of going to the hospital with hers. I took prescription muscle relaxants, and then more of them, and crawled into bed a little after nine with bean bags for neck and sinuses and everything else.

But! The bed I crawled into was the spare room one, where I haven't slept in a good four years at least. (Probably after I put the futon there and the mattress in the front and then found its firm support was no longer Too Hard.) But the side room is always warm and I was cold even with the heat turned up to a tropical 20C (=68F, which normally sees me sleeping, sans covers, in a t-shirt, if that.) Vagaries of my house's insulation, vagaries of my body, vagaries of this odd and violent winter.
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