December 29th, 2013

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

The Dead Days

To wit, those last five days after Christmas and Boxing Day. (How glad I am to be living in a country that has Boxing Day, even if people have to work on it; at time-and-a-half, in the case of Blawblaws up the street, down from double pay, which is what one expects of ketchi Blawblaws. I was still happy, in my commercial Torontonian way, to have a place I could go and shop at, since doing it before Christmas, between crowds and ice and the freezer chill of the 24th, was literally painful.)

The Dead Days are usually warmer than usual, hence grey and wet and dank and suffused with wanhope: the emotional fallout of Christmas or a sense of tempus fugit, or in the worst years, tsunamis leaving hundreds of thousands dead. I'm actually pleased at the warmth of today, due to return to deep freeze slipperiness tomorrow; one takes one's mobility in winter when one can.
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