December 22nd, 2013

hasui snow scene

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Yes, that's exactly what it's like. Well played, sir. My own wandering doggie is 'officious', except I found a mnemonic for that one. Predictably, I can't remember what the other word is that I always forget. Possibly 'gratuitous'.

Ounce of prevention dep't: the salt I laid down last night turned the falling ice into a brittle crust, easily swept away this morning. Looking up and down the street, I mourn that I'm the only one with such foresight. Where are the Italian nonni of yesteryear, who not only would have salted pre-storm but would be out at 7 am shovelling it all away? Tell ya, this is what happens when you let yuppies into your neighbourhood...

Clearly I'm not going anywhere today-- unless the temps go up enough to let me chop ice on my route to the bus stop, against tonight's cold snap.


1. Slippers found in dark corner of living room behind the bicycle. No, I don't know how either.

2. Sidewalk is clear right to the corner. The remaining block to the bus stop is slightly impeded by a large tree branch, but hey-- twigs give traction.

3. Unfortunate Canada Post employee, sent out to deliver parcels on a Sunday, in the ice, uphill both ways, nonetheless delivers my quilt from incandescens. And it is, as always, far more gorgeous than the pictures can show. I gloat over my two gemlike downstairs quilts.

4. Except that I'm upstairs for the evening because ow, shovelling ice all the way to the corner... Ativan and beanbags are us.