December 20th, 2013

hasui snow scene

Look and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow

I forget what yesterday's traumas were, in the aftermath of today's: the reportable portion of which involved waiting for phantom buses in heavy rain, morning slush thinking about being ice, and evening sidewalks beginning to revert to same as temperatures inch towards 0C. Three days of freezing rain we are promised; and if today passed fairly unslipperily, tomorrow and especially Sunday will not. Am morally certain I shall not get to Spirited Away tomorrow, and am not sanguine about getting to Mimi wo sumaseba Monday after the cold snap that will turn slick sidewalks into skating rinks.

And oh do my knees hurt in this weather.

I did intend to get another set of grips after work today, but that was taken up with waiting in the downpour for non-existent cabs and almost as non-existent busses. OTOH there were treats at work, and the birthday girl dropped in for a visit bringing cupcakes for the staff and cards for everybody, which was a welcome ray of sunshine. As for the weekend-- we shall survive it somehow. Hopefully with power intact.