December 18th, 2013


Happy Things

It occurred to me to wonder how epsom salts work. I googled and at once came across a Canadian page telling me they don't and can't. Like acupuncture, you know? Like acupuncture, best damn placebo I know of, because a saltless bath doesn't make me unhurt the same way.

Virtue is its own reward dep't: it snows every night, half an inch, an inch, enough to get trodden into ice. So every day I go out with the trusty ice chopper and scrape away the new accumulate from my block. Was doing it yesterday before work when a voice calls me from the porch of whatever house I was in front of. Is Mama Paisani next door, with a bottle of Valpolicella wine for me (bought, a rarity in this neighbourhood.) Ah, pseudo-boeuf bourguignon, here I come.
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Wednesday meme

What have you just finished reading?
Mineko Iwasaki, Geisha, a Life, fun and informative about the geiko world, though still just echoing everything I learned via Kurotsubaki. Alas, the protagonist doesn't come off as a terribly nice person. If you don't like the fact that the Queen of England isn't eating anything at the banquet where you, my dear, are no more than the entertainment, suck it up. She probably had stomach flu and was soldiering on in spite of it. It's not for you to go flirting with Prince Phillip in order to piss her off and then smugly say, 'Bad manners are bad manners, no matter who it is.'

What are you reading now?
Ysabeau Wilce, Flora's Fury. Been three years since I read Flora's Dare and clearly retained nothing of it. I like the books in spite of Flora being predictable and tiresome: but then, I'm not the intended age range.

What will you read next?
Larissa Lai, When Fox is a Thousand is on its way to me, as is Flora's Dare for rereads.

Also what he said, especially his reaction immediately post-read. We're obviously of the same generation.