December 16th, 2013


Not bad for a Monday

Spent today in good deeds and triumph. Good deeds was shovelling The Greek Gardener's south sidewalk, or rather, breaking up the packed snow with my ice scraper for a matter of thirty feet; and then, hailed by my Chinese neighbour, filling out her passport application as guarantor and working out the vexed question of what ID she possesses with both her English and Chinese names on it. She remembered that her Social Insurance does, where her health card and driver's licence don't, so that's good to go.
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Triumph was locating my poufy hat at work, yes, where I have no memory at all of bringing it; discovering that I work Tuesday not Thursday noon, so can have my acupuncture without shifting shifts; and receiving a $25 book token from a baby parent. I don't deal with Indigo if I can help it but they do have things the used and indies don't.
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