December 1st, 2013

autumn hibiya

A month of natter

Ah well, posted 29 days out of November's 30. Not perfect but respectable; especially in view of LJ's tendency to give error messages ('the connection has been reset') whenever one tries to access LJ.

To mention, I also made that leek carbonara recipe I posted a while back. Organic leeks to be on the safe side, but a disappointment. For sure they need to be blanched more than 30 seconds or else sliced much finer than my knives can manage, because leeks are hard to chew and will choke you given half the chance. Being six inches long counts as half a chance in the leek mind. Pancetta is much saltier and crispy than bacon, but also a pain to slice. And the sauce doesn't stick as it does to real pasta. So not likely to repeat.
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