October 30th, 2013

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*Whose* entry is that?

Have tried with two browsers and both show LJ's colours on the friends' page borked- or defaulted to black- and the posters' names unreadable. Neither of my browsers is terribly up to date, though. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I never assigned a foreground colour to my friends list, but LJ seems to have arbitrarily changed it to black in all cases. Have manually coded it to white, user by user; luckily I have few commenting friends.

A few maples started turning red in mid-September. Those maples are still red, and the leaves are still on the trees. Everything else is, at best, a yallery-green, nice enough when the sun shines; or at worst, a green green, and the leaves are still on the trees. I've nothing against a protracted autumn, but experience says the leaves had better fall before the snow does-- well before, so they can be swept up and carted away. The street drain clogs that result from heavy snow trying to melt through an inch or more of compacted leaf matter are not pretty. 'One good rain will bring them down!' people say. (Worked last year.) Had the rain. Didn't work this year. 'One good frost!' Had the frost- oh the poor zucchini leaves, how they wilted- but the leaves are stuck to the trees. Except my cherry, of course, which was bare when the maples started turning red.
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