September 28th, 2013


Fearless Gomi Hunter

I used to furnish my house from yard sales, but that was back in the palmy 80s when people sold good stuff for reasonable prices. Got two handsome sets of Made in Japan crockery that way, plus odd kitchenware and sheepskin rugs and occasionally sheets as well. (That black and white flower patterned set, for instance.) But those days are gone, and the first-hand stuff now is geared to the grey neutrals that Someone has declared to be fashionable, which are not for me. So mostly I get things from the front lawn dollar store aka the gomi-- which is not quite the garbage, or not always.

(I never went gomi-hunting in Tokyo, which is where the term comes from. In the palmy 90s the Japanese would discard your choice of electrical goods, and all the foreigners would happily grab them. Beat paying full price, especially when you couldn't take it home with you. Japan seems to be the only country in the world to run on 100 volts.)
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