September 26th, 2013

dragons got claws!

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I need to start noting where I find these recs for the sort of novel I usually don't read. Must be one of the bookblogs, and I need to know which: because *someone* has an unerring instinct for the kind of book that gives me a reading hangover. Thus The Golem and the Jinni last week and thus We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves this.

Shall probably have recourse to werewolves and vampires to remove the taste from my brain.

Otherwise my legs have been twitching and cramping persistently enough to send me to the doctor, who suggests a magnesium deficiency. Naruhodo. Used to take calcium and magnesium, and then someone said calcium supplements cause heart attacks, and have had none since earlier this year. Accompanied by upswing in leg cramps and twitches in bed. Blood work will reveal all, but that looks a good bet.