September 21st, 2013

hasui rain

Round and about

1. The paintings featured at First Known When Lost always look better there than on other webpages. Looking for more of Kenneth Rowntree, I find this and that, nice enough; but the ones in that entry, especially the first and second, look like Japan. With, yanno, different architecture completely.

2. Fascinating entry about How Shakespearean actors rehearsed their plays.

3. It has stopped raining. The fast setting sun through grey clouds makes the trees out back look like seaweed mountains. The leaves on my neighbour's cherry are turning a surprising shade of red. *My* cherry tree is all but denuded without even going yellow snerf. Also my shoes leak because there's a rip in the sole. No, actually, they always leaked, from above, and I don't know why. Dubbined the uppers today to go to the library, just as I did every day that incandescens was here last year, and to as little effect.

4. It is getting cooler and therefore I am roasting beets, in the manner described somewhere, which is individually in foil at 350F for umm I forget how long. An hour maybe? Two? Three? beets being beets being haaaard vegetables.