July 27th, 2013

pissy red dragon from tammylee

In headache and in worry/ Vaguely life leaks away

Getting enough sleep leads to exactly the same sort of stiff neck and headache as getting too little. I blame the weather for part of that-- heavy low pressure mug with intermittent cloudbursts. The rest is down to The Month of Living Fretfully wherein I cannot emotionally distinguish things that have happened from things that might happen, and so live in a state of perpetual hovering anxiety. Thought Buddhism was supposed to cure that, she grumps; or maybe it only cures it when the weather is sunny and dry.

Roll on August, is all I can say.

This chronic fuman is not helped by The Glass God, which is as schticky as Stray Souls. I never noticed, through four volumes of Midnight Mayor, whether it has any character development or not. Probably not, but I was too swept up in the ambience to notice. This time it's very clearly not: look at my amusing characters being their amusing selves aren't they amusing? Kevin is still germ-phobic, Rhys still sneezes a lot, Gretel still wants to cook, and Sharon still prattles new age self-help which wasn't funny to start with. Also am not comfortable with the notion of a new age prattler being a shaman of any kind. Sits badly for reasons I may have to think about some more.