July 14th, 2013

hasui winter river

Geese and Samurai

I haven't seen any goose eggs at the supermarket this spring. Caught the manager in mid-whatever and asked about goose eggs. He says they don't have goose eggs and have never had goose eggs. I hallucinated goose eggs last year. They were duck eggs all along; and the fact that the duck eggs now are of a different taste and consistency to the (presumed) duck eggs then is... probably another illusion of mine.

Meanwhile there's a Japanese version of Unforgiven opening this fall. "In Yurusarezaru mono, set in 1880, Ken Watanabe plays a samurai with a violent past, who lives on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido with his Ainu wife, but is brought out of retirement for one last job. Koichi Sato and Akira Emoto co-star." I haven't seen Unforgiven and won't-- westerns are not my thing; in fact, most large screen films are not my thing-- but set it in Meiji Hokkaido and I am so there.

Also want to support the trend of Asian remakes of American films, whirligig of time bringing in its revenges fashion.