June 6th, 2013

hasui rain

Fabulous Invalid

How very disconcerting to have no sensation in one's fingers. My experience with local anesthetics has all been teeth, where the numbness fades after an hour. I don't know whether to be grateful or concerned that for all intents and purposes my ring finger is still absent after five. (Those of us with acute imaginations of disaster should not read the terms of those releases you sign prior to surgery.) However, sensation is returning to the fingers on either side of it, so I'm sure the deep gouge in the fourth finger will be calling attention to itself soon. This is why I have percocet. ("For *severe* pain, not mild or moderate," the pharmacist emphasized.)

Note that I had the operation on a different finger than intended. The bump on the index finger had been steadily subsiding, once it was too late to cancel the surgery. Meanwhile a ganglion on the ring finger had been steadily growing. So my breezy surgeon removed that instead. Would rather have stitches at the base of my fourth finger than the tip of my index, so go me.

Quite unrelatedly, so glad I made a rain icon, because that's what we got.