April 28th, 2013


'April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter'

'And the moment after
Weep thy girlish tears.'

Truly there are times I wish the nuns hadn't taught me to memorize poetry.

Is spring. A week ago in winter coat and fleecy and gloves and shivering even in the sun; today in t-shirt and light jacket only because it feels chill when April winds blow, under a light cloud-cover that makes everything look like the humid spring of Tokyo. We shall see how long this lasts.

Started Three Parts Dead which to my delight reads partly like nojojojo and partly like incandescens and my favourite parts of both. Then made me put it down so I could finish the two books due before that, one of which is my French lama and the other of which is Ellen Datlow's Naked City, borrowed because it has about the only Lavie Tidhar that circulates in the TPL system.
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The house giveth and the house taketh away-- but mostly it taketh away

There's only me in this house, right? And there's only me doing laundry here, right? And it's true, sometimes socks wear out and I throw the holey sock away and so that's *maybe* why I have fifteen unmatched socks of various colours and styles.

But how do I lose the sock of a must-match pair, like my expensive compression ones? And how do I lose socks that were together when I wore them last week but, washed, prove to be single? So there goes my long Korean sock, that I wear with my mid-calf spring pants, and I grieve for its passing.

By way of compensation, I find my watch on the front room rug where it evidently fell on April Fool's Day, do not ask me how. How lucky I replaced it with a $10 cheapie. And, err, have I really not watered the philodendron in four weeks? No wonder it looks a little peaked.