April 3rd, 2013

hasui hirakawa morning

Wednesday reading meme

What have you just finished?
Dirk Bogarde, West of Sunset. Quite apart from California Horrors, we have the Everywhere Hhorrors attached to being old and unneeded and unwanted and poor and infirm and unable to get about. To counteract which, we read

Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape. Time was, Buddhist books by westerners put me off. Was reading the wrong westerners, I suppose. Buddhism by easterners (Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama, any Japanese zen master you can name) is-- I don't know how to say it, but remember Liza Dalby's account of learning to sing geisha songs that seemed to hit notes that lay *between* the western notes her ear was used to. I'm not on the right wavelength, and the words seem thin, pale, and not to be referring to anything I can imagine. Thus, some bread and butter Tibetan Buddhism is required, and Chodron is a pretty good place to start. Only don't start with Start Where You Are, which is running off Tibetan lojong teachings whose background you need to know something about. And don't start with Goodreads, because now Google has it, it wants to load stuff that won't load.
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