March 17th, 2013

hasui saitama mountains


1. It's one of those cold sunny Marches when the blue sky goes on forever and I am cheerful and invigorated. This is *March*-- but of course, it's only one of March's avatars. March is also the sullen sleet and grey and freezing rain tantrum-throwing child; is sometimes a dry clear pseudo-November, but with wild winds shaking the empty tree branches; recently is the warmer-than-average enervating drainer, April come too early. Last year was that (so was '10); year before I was in no shape to notice what the weather did, with tsunamis and DWJ and personal crises. So effectively this is the first time since '09 that I've seen these pale blue skies and thin clear light. Love it while it lasts, as always at this season. Snow is forecast for the rest of this week, giving us that other trad Toronto topos, snow on the first day of spring.

(Mind, yesterday evening I walked out in the pale blue pre-sunset and had a flashback to, I think, November of 1964: Queen's Park in fading sun, covered with fallen leaves.)

2. The things people use for bookmarks. The forgettable Caitlin Kittredge I'm reading has someone's hand-drawn half-done sudoku puzzle. White is for Witching had a pack of condoms, fortunately empty.
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