March 9th, 2013

evil nii from chomiji

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Finished London Falling. I know I'll read the next one, if and when, and perhaps be less traumatized now that I know what Cornell does and can do, but ohhhh was that a scarifying trip while it lasted.

Amused by the comment that it began as a rough-out for a possible TV series. I can actually see how that would work. Substantially changed along the way? I do believe it: two of your four main characters are black, and one of those-- the most normal of the lot-- is gay as well. Good work.

It has however wiped out any memory I had of that Pinborough horror/ mystery that I read in January. My mind has room for only one set of police inspectors with crumbling marriages handling horrific murders in London; I can no longer even recall Who Did It, or why.
dragons got claws!

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Dreamed last night I was in Tokyo with a doctor's appointment in ohh yanno that place there, and an acupuncturist appointment in ohh yanno the other place, and I couldn't get to them because the Japanese were lying down on the railway tracks en masse and stopping all JR trains to protest the government forcing them to put chili flakes on their food. Which struck me as sensible but I had these *appointments* and even though I belatedly remembered the subway would take me there, being private companies and all, it takes so loong to get anywhere by subway in Tokyo and I'd have to transfer so often... Which is true, it does, is why this was real!Tokyo and not the dream!Tokyo I usually go to.

Started The Hobbit. Thinking of Bilbo as Martin Freeman helps with the tweeness a bit, but it's still going to be a slog.