January 1st, 2013

hasui: winter moon

It's now New Year's Day

I shall add another seasonal first to the list. Walked home from acupuncture yesterday in Dickensian 3 pm grey and dreary (the five Dead Days- Dec 27-31, essentially- lived up to their name this year, bar a few hours' sunshine on Sunday morning) and passed a line-up going down the block, managed by a cop-looking person in orange safety vest. Realized it wasn't, in fact, early queuers for some nightclub but, rather, relatively late buyers at the liquor store, who were being let in five at a time as the store could accommodate them. Any thoughts of buying a bottle of wine for the evening were at once shelved.

And may stay that way. Wine doesn't like me when my sinuses are complaining; doesn't like my stomach period. Good heavens. Am I heading towards the Five Mindfulness Trainings after all?
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