December 26th, 2012

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More Yule Birds

I brined my turkey as per the web's instructions: 1 cup kosher salt per gallon of water. Brined for 12 hours (some people say 1-2 days for a turkey, but I'll go with 'no more than 24 hours.') Cooked yesterday afternoon, which kept me indoors when I wanted to be out. Drat that no more than 24 hours thing. Result was salty nearly inedible turkey and salty quite inedible bread stuffing. No idea why. Not a self-basting turkey, no huge quantities of salt in the stuffing. A mystery. The stuffing I suppose is 'saved from the evil to come.' (I don't need to eat a half loaf of bread in two days, and I would if it had been edible.) The white meat makes decent salad and probably will do a decent turkey fricassee. The dark meat I've frozen for some future use. After the equally disappointing chicken soup that resulted from my capon, I don't feel like making turkey soup. Luckily tonight is garbage night and the temperatures are arctic, so stuffing and bones and old soup can all go into the green bin outside where they will freeze quite unmolested by raccoons.

And I shall stick to broccoli and tofu stir fries in future.