December 15th, 2012

woxin goujian tgdy

One thing after another

After an excellent and unscheduled chiropractic treatment this morning, I indulged in a new address book (because I can't find my old one) and a new daybook for 2013 with month at a glance and daily entries, which is the holy grail of daybooks. The sun shone, my bank was having a bake sale to help a food bank so I copped some gingerbread, and I was heading happily to work-- was walking up the path, actually-- when something went sproing in my neck, and I've had the stabbities in the left shoulder blade ever since. Am ativanned, have acupuncture in tomorrow's freezing rain, think the world sucks rather. Open computer to find the world justifying this belief.
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hasui snow scene

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Finished Un Lun Dun which was nice enough in an 'I saw what you did there' way; and I mean, am glad he did do it, but there should be more at the end of a door stopper book than just that. At least it's not (quite) the downer Perdido was. I feel like I've read the 21st century version of The Phantom Tollbooth, and it's a nastier world than Norton and Feiffer's.

Otherwise will note two suspiciously thorough fires in the neighbourhood in the last three days, within 150 ft of each other (something less than 30 m). Not reassuring at all.